BATIHOME is a company established in Lebanon since 2006, dealers in ceramics and sanitary wares along a wide first choice of complementary products.

Our main suppliers are from Italy, Spain and all over Europe.

Our product range expands to all choices and references to suit all customers taste and needs, from big project to special selective orders.

The range of tiles includes wall & floor ceramic and porcelains tiles, mosaics, listellos and all kinds of decorative items.

As for sanitary wares, it stretches to a wide new and up to date, wall hang and floor mounted units with matching furniture and accessories. Along these items, we offer all kinds of fittings, accessories, bathtubs, shower trays, Jacuzzis and enclosures to go with.

Our mission is to place our” customers first” – means that their satisfaction is our highest priority. Our service is about giving then the means to view and evaluate their own designs options using our products, supported by a highly professional team including architects, to provide them a maximum assistance.